Betting Tracker since 2017.

from the beginning of the service in the spring of 2017 to the 2nd of november 2017 i had a staking system from 1-10 units. i switched it since that date on to a 1-3 unit system, with close to 95% of the bets at a flat stake of 1 unit. for better perspective, i graded bets before the 2nd of november as 1 unit bets as well.

this tracker shows all results from 2017 on – when I started the service – for main market bets (pinnacle odds for ml, hc, totals).

the following shows all nfl and college football bets more detailed.

the combined record for the nfl and college football since 2017 is 285-191-6 for + 51.472 units (10.29% yield).

there have been positive results in every nfl season.

total 165-107-5, + 34.174 units.

  • nfl preseason 23-12-1, + 6.059.
  • nfl regular season 127-87-4, + 20.668
  • nfl playoffs 14-7, + 6.947.
  • nfl draft 1-1, + 0.500.

the college football record is 120-84-1, + 17.298 units.

this tracker shows all results from 2017, when i started the service, to present date for side bets (player props, cfl preseason, live bets, etc).

total stats 146-103-4, + 28.072 units with a yield of 10.12%.

player props have a record of 100-59-1, + 34.071 units.

the following shows the combined record for all nfl and college football bets.



total stats 409-266-8, + 89.925 units with a yield of 12.40%.

tracking stats last updated on the 5th of january 2021.