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let me introduce myself. My name is René. I am a full-time bettor in the sports of American Football. I have watched this game since I was a young kid, and at the beginning of the 2010s, I started to become a bettor of it.

My knowledge about the game and sports betting is based on various things. I went to business school and started early reading blogs about sportsbetting. I have read and still read tons of books tied to American Football, like biographies about players, coaches, or systems and formations. I just want to know as much as possible how it all works at the end of the day. I learned a lot about factors like spots, travel, the importance and non-importance of key players, comfort zones years back when college hoops franatic nropp had a daily blog which teached me a lot. I dealt with all this things for some time to create an understanding which news are important, and which aren’t. Football has become a 24/7 life for me. I am a full-time bettor at it, so it’s my job. But it really is the life I want to live.

Many of the books I have read portrait Bill Belichick. He is the best coach of our era, he has dealt with football from the get-go of his life and knows how to use specific components of the game to the advantage for his team. His life is dedicated to football. If I can get just a fraction of his knowledge by learning, studying and watching, I’ll be succesful.

Many succesful people note that the work starts in the dark, and so it does in pro football. You have to put the work in in the offseason to be succesful during the season. That’s not only true for teams and athletes, but more importantly for sports betting. Every information you get during the this time can be valuable when it matters, there are no days off.

Bob Voulgaris, the best NBA bettor in the world, said in a betting show a few years ago that he doesn’t like to bet football because the ball is an egg and that one play can make a difference of 30% on a bet. He may have a point. A football is oval. One play can decide the outcome of the game and of a bet. But he also said that he wouldn’t be able to do anything differently than betting the NBA because he hasn’t done anything different in his life than betting the NBA. It’s equal to my life. But I am not betting the NBA. I bet American Football.

Football is my life, football is my dedication. I want to be the best, and I will strive each and every day to become the best.

“It’s 1st and 10 with the rest of my life ahead of me.” Victor Cruz, Out of the Blue.

noddse, aka René